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Commercial Log Framing


We can handle any type of heavy timber custom design. When it comes to commercial log work, we not only can build but can maintain these structures, meeting all of your architectural and engineering requirements.

Large commercial log framing
Commercial Log Trusses

 We can handle all stages of commercial log truss work, everything from design, construction and installation. We have different methods of construction to meet your logistical and environmental demands. Our ability to construct in the field or off site for later assembly, sets us apart from the conventional shop and yard methods. 

Commercial Log Packages

We can meet any of your log and timber supply demands. Our large collection of suppliers allows us to have a diverse supply chain with low bulk prices, while also allowing us to supply the largest diameter and length timber available. No matter what you architectural requirements, we can meet them.

Delivery of commercial timber
Heavy Log Dado and Faux Installation

Whether you are installing commercial faux beams or wrapping structural steel with dado log work, we have the skilled craftsmen and design teams, that can help you get it done and ready to open your doors. 

Dont let your project get slowed down by over looked improper structural timber engineering, causing stress for you and your client. We specialize in spotting and adjusting for these errors minimizing lost time and money. 

Commercial Log Truss work
Coping log on site
Log Truss Tackle
Log Truss Manufacture
Log truss Welding
Gander Mountain Truss
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