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Log Home Repair 

All phases of log home restoration is our specialty. We repair the most extreme rot and log damage. Everything from removal of old stubborn finishes to deep structural rot. Our blending and color matching methods are second to none.  We can provide the quality expectations needed in custom log home repair and historical log cabin restoration. All our restoration work is professionally done and we have examples all over Texas.   

Log Home Stain

Well maintained high quality stain is the key to maximizing your investment of your house and minimizing your overall maintenance. Stain and sealants left improperly maintained can compound costs into rot, water damage and lost energy. Using the proper stain, prep, application and techniques, can greatly extend the life of the stain. The brand and color you choose should depend on your climate, species of wood and color choice.

Log cabin reapir
Staining a log home in Texas
Log Home Stain Pricing

These are general log stain pricing numbers. They do not not reflect all cost associated with a stain job. *** volume discounts apply***



Average Log Home Finish Removal & Restain, Reseal Without Rot

$20.00 -$25.00  per sq ft of surface area

Average Log Home Finish Removal & Restain, Reseal With Rot

$30.00 -$45.00  per sq ft of surface area

Log Home Maintenance Clear Coat & Inspection

$2.30 to $4.00 per sq ft of surface area *some minor repair*

Log Home Rot

Log rot can be very expensive to fix. Its always better to shed unwanted water and protect logs, rather than deal with rot in the future. We can meet the highest standards for blending and color match. Structural log rot repair is no problem for us. We can handle all aspects of the repair. Multiple parties and sub contractors are not needed.  We fix it in house, right the first time. 

Pricing for log home rot repair is difficult to generalize since there is such a range in log types, logistics, rot progression and volume. Here are some figures to help you understand cost. These are typical rot repair cost figures and do not include all general costs associated with a repair job. 

Log Home Rot Removal & Repair

$125.00 - $300.00 per linear ft

Exterior​ replacement milled only per linear ft ( 1/2 log not coming to inside)


Large Log Home profile or Extensive Rot Removal & Repair

Whole log replacement per linear ft with coatings on two sides or larger milled-hand scribed crafted $200.00-$450.00 per linear ft

*** These are general pricing piecemeal numbers***


Art & Historic Log Cabin Restoration Services

We are masters of art & historic log cabin restoration services. We can find antique replacement parts and make that perfect match for historic exhibits, parks , family homes, custom carvings and commercial applications. We have examples of historical restoration all over Texas.

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