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Blending a log home repair / Boneyard Method

I get asked a lot "How do you blend the replacement logs on a log wall so well with the old logs?" Well there is a little method I like to call the bone yard method. We will get to that. I think the first step in making a successful blend is to inform the customer or yourself that in order to do a good job blending a repair, there are some necessities in regards to what needs to be done. When making a repair, the entire visible side of where repair is being made, needs to have stain removed, sanded and re stained in the same manner the repair logs will be done. That keeps a persons view point from that spot the same and all the surfaces facing them have the same repair processes performed on them. This is one of the biggest factors when making that perfectly blended repair.

Now on to the boneyard method. One of the biggest problems when making a log home repair is the logs you are using look brand new and the house logs are weathered. Lets look close at the differences. The new logs lack check marks , grey or black sun damage and usually have a smoother milled look. Well every log company has what I like to call a grave yard or seconds . Most people don't know but these are the best for repairs. They are usually left over logs from lawsuits , bad cuts, extras, weathered logs etc. These already have that grey or black patina you are looking for, complete with check marks and weathered finish. The coolest part is they are a fraction of the price of new logs and look way better in repairs. When looking for your log profile keep in mind that newer log profiles can be milled on the job to match older profile styles. My videos on YouTube have good examples of this. Remember be sure to do the exact same processes on the boneyard log repairs as you do, on the entire view able side of the house where repair is being made .

Guild Log and Timber offers all facets of log home repair in Texas. Visit our Restoration page. Subscribe to my blog post for the upcoming blog on all types of log home issues. Guild log and Timber also offers detailed consulting for General Contractors, Real estate agencies, Architects, homeowners and do-it-your-selfers. We can help give some insight on a broad range of in depth issues with existing log home construction problems and the planning of new log homes and historic cabin restoration. Let our two generations, of log home hard knock experience, be an advantage to you. Contact me for pricing and availability.


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